Physical Therapy - A Treatment Plan For Injuries

Physical therapy, also called chiropractic, is a discipline of health care that focuses on treating disorders and injuries of the musculoskeletal system using a variety of mechanical and manual techniques. Physical therapists work in hospitals, clinics, private offices, and schools. They provide diagnosis, preventive and management services for patients with conditions such as fractures, pain, sprains, stress fractures, and herniated discs. Physical therapy has grown in popularity in the United States since the mid-nineties, when it was seen as an alternative to medical doctors. Today, many people who are not medical doctors seek services from physical therapists.

A physical therapy treatment plan for your injury may include several components including exercise and stretching, massage, and skill training. The physical therapist will design an individual treatment plan based on the patient's needs, frequency of sessions, and location of injury. The goal of therapy is to provide immediate pain relief, improve function, and restore strength after an injury. Often, patients return to pre-injury levels of activity within a few weeks. A well-planned treatment plan will help you return to daily living activities in a reasonable amount of time.

During a physical therapy session, the therapist uses a variety of methods to encourage healing while preventing further injury. First, the therapist will teach the patient how to perform exercises that build muscle strength. Next, various types of stretches and strengthening exercises are done on the patient's affected area. Specialized shoes, braces, and splints are often required to assist with posture and position improvement. These seattle specialists may provide instruction for specific exercises that strengthen the patient's range of motion or help correct weakness in specific muscles. The treatments may last between fifteen to forty-five minutes and may be repeated several times a day, but no one can predict with 100 percent accuracy which exercises will be effective.

Patients with mild to moderate injuries should be able to return to normal daily activities in three to five days, though this may vary depending on the severity of the injury. However, progress can be made in reducing pain and improving range of motion in most patients after the first few sessions. For more severely injured patients, a longer course of treatment may be necessary to achieve desired results. Many physical therapy programs are available at the Mobilize Physical Therapy center, and you should ask your doctor or health care provider if they offer a walk-in program. You can also ask your therapist about alternative treatments such as acupuncture, homeopathy, or stress management techniques that may be useful in your particular situation.

If you are injured and are looking for a health care provider who offers physical therapy, you should first make an appointment to meet with your health care provider to determine the cause of your injury. Your physical therapist will evaluate your injury and review your treatment plan with you, along with doing a physical exam. Your health care provider will help you decide if physical therapy is right for you and be sure to give you a copy of your recommendation for care.

Today, physical therapists often use machines such as the treadmill, elliptical trainer, balance board, and recumbent bike trainer to provide stimulation for muscles and joints. They also use stretching exercises and light jogging exercises for cardiovascular workouts. Stretching exercises can improve flexibility, speed, and strength. Light cardiovascular workouts, such as jogging, can also provide many of the same health benefits as weight training.  Get a general overview of the topic here:

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